Best Sites for Digital Photography Tips, Tricks, Tutorials, and Guides

camera imageWe've gathered some of the best online resources for tips, tricks, tutorials, guides, and instructions for digital photography. Whether you're a beginner photographer or more advanced, these sources should help to increase your photography and shooting skills.

The following is a list of some of our favorite photography sites for learning and inspiration:

  • Digital Photography School
    Includes a blog with digital photography ideas and photo competitions. Also has a resource section with good shooting tips on such things as how to get a shallow depth of field (blurred background look) on portrait shots, macro photography, taking better photos from a camera phone, and more. The site has photography forums as well where you can upload shots to have others critique and to discuss methods used to create or capture a particular image, talk about equipment, and other photography-related topics. The forums are especially good for learning and inspiration.
  • – Online Home of Popular Photography & Imaging Magazine and American PHOTO Magazine
    Great how-to articles and guides, and also a great source of inspiration. You'll find guides on subjects such as building a "softbox" for macro photography, how to recover lost image files, and on techniques such as how to achieve the perfect lighting, how to take a group photo, image editing, composition, shooting in nature, and more. Other features of the site include forums, buying guides, product tests and reviews.
  • The Radiant Vista
    Great inspiration and great teaching on the fundamentals and artistry of photography. They have a daily critique feature where 3-5 minute videos feature user-submitted photos which are evaluated and reviewed, with tips for "perfect world" improvement and specific processing steps to take to get there. Lots of Photoshop video tutorials on this site as well and each week they also have a 15 to 20 minute video to teach about using Photoshop which contains useful suggestions on getting the most out of your image in the digital darkroom. The workshop uses photo files submitted by visitors in the instruction. Site has a forum community where users can post their captured images and receive feedback as well.
  • – The On-line Library of Digital Photography
    This photography site provides a guide for choosing the right digital cameras and understanding their features, and buyer's guide for buying photographic equipment such as camera bags, tripods, and lighting equipment. Tutorials and articles explain how to use your digital camera's controls to capture great photos, how to store, print, display, manage, edit, and share your images, and the meaning of common photography terms such as image sensors, pixels, resolution, and other key photography concepts. Wholeheartedly recommend this site, especially to beginner photographers and amateur photographers.

The above list of sites dedicated to photography will be added to over time. The websites linked above will offer anyone, beginner, amateur, or professional, some food for thought and help them to develop into even better photographers. They cover a vast range of topics and subjects and will help you learn how to take better shots, learn about digital darkroom and imaging techniques, improve your image editing skills, set the proper monitor-printer calibration, how to find and properly use your photography equipment, and how to take captivating shots in nature, fine art, or portrait photography. If you know of other great sites offering tips, tricks, and information about photography, we welcome you to share it with us.

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