Brake of Your Car Lyrics by Lennon

Brake of Your Car by Lennon
©Lennon (as far as I know)

Tender moments with a burnt-out cigarette
I'm dying to know what doesn't happen next
Your drunken kisses leave a bitter taste on my lips
It doesn't feel like me anymore no lover coming to the door
To rescue me in the middle of the night

And I don't understand and I don't give a damn cause it's making no sense to me
And I'm caught in between your lies and my dreams and there's no out that I can see
Maybe the sound of your voice or the brake of your car or a little more than everything
Cause it's driving me crazy and I can't understand cause it's making no sense to me

Life becomes one long infomercial
Selling junk only cowards will buy
I'm sitting here figuring and wondering why
Somehow I've asked all the wrong questions
Cause you've had none of the answers
That these blinded eyes were looking for in you

(Sorry…due to copyright issues and the concern of overzealous sue-happy record companies (and associated vermin), the lyrics posted here are not complete. Hopefully if you were just stuck on a word, this has helped some.)

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