Stopping Child Sex Abuse

Sexual abuse is happening to three million children in the U.S. – that means in an average eighth grade classroom of 30 children, six children are currently being sexually abused. Source:

As excerpted from Stop Child Molestation Bookby Gene G. Abel, M.D. and Nora Harlow (Xlibris 2001) (Study text revised April 2002) regarding molesting children in the parents' social circle–

"Forty percent of the child molesters reported molesting the children of their friends or their neighbors… The most surprising finding was that only 10 percent of the child molesters reported that they molested a child who was "a stranger to me." This finding is at odds with the popular conception of the child molester as a man or woman who is unknown to the parents. The emphasis on knowing if convicted child molesters live in the neighborhood, while excellent, probably provides less protection for children than was once believed."

Think about that, parents, and please protect your children from everyone.

Make the World Safe for Children bumper sticker

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