Christmas Cards and Holiday Cards for Charity

Christmas and winter holiday greeting cards that help support and give to notable charities and non-profit organizations can be found online. Here are some links to just a few where you are sure to find the perfect card…
This list includes youth and childrens charities, animal charities, museums, and more. Many of them giving 85% to 100% of the purchases to the cause.

Where to buy greeting cards that give a portion of the proceeds to charity:

Children's Hospital Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders

All cards designed by current and former cancer patients. They even have a variety pack, which is nice. Proceeds from the sales of holiday cards support items to improve the quality of patient care, such as monitoring devices, exercise equipment and teaching aids, and equipment and support needed to further laboratory research including computers and statistical databases. Custom imprinting available for orders of 50 cards or more.

The Paint Box ProjectRoswell Park Cancer Institute

Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York is among the oldest National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer centers in the United States. Wonderful cards designed by talented children artists. They have corporate cards available too. They also have photo cards available to be ordered, as well as gift wrap and tags, chocolates, and other special gifts. "All proceeds from the sale of items from The Paint Box Project® benefit groundbreaking cancer research and compassionate patient care programs."


Great holiday greeting cards for animal and pet lovers to benefit the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals! They even offer personalized cards! (While you're there, be sure to request your free magnet and window sticker if you have dogs and/or cats in the home.)

The Marine Mammal Center

Click on "Greeting Cards" to view some totally adorable seasonal holiday cards with ocean themes, including ones with manatees, orcas, pelicans, sea otters, and penguins! Beautifully done holiday cards printed on 100% recycled acid-free paper.

National Wildlife Federation

Click on "Holiday Cards" in the top menu. Imprinting available on some cards as well as printed envelopes with your return address. They also have some very cute ornaments, including a "Plant-a-Tree Ornament".

Friends of the National Zoo

Click on "Holiday Items" in the side menu. If you're looking for cards that feature a whole lotta panda cuteness or ones with cheetahs, elephants, giraffes, tigers, wolves, red pandas (awww), swans, leopards, or any number of zoo animals, you've found the right place!

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

As you should expect, some of the most creative and awe-inspiring cards you will find. Look under "Holiday" to access their card selection. Lots of pop up cards, foil cards, and 3-D cards including some where they provide the "background" and give you stickers to fill in the scene. Perfect fun for kids to make sending the holiday greetings a family project! They even have a "Jumping Santa" card (die-cut card where you move his limbs by pulling on an attached string)! They also have "Happy Hanukkah" cards. (While you're there, you really should check out their ornaments and other gifts as well. Oh, how the list is growing…)

Whitney Museum of American Art

Look under "Holiday and Calendars". You really must check out the Mark Ryden (Creatrix) card set…wow! (To see the Creatrix painting up close along with detail views, visit Mark Ryden's site.)

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

They have very large selection of cards based on famous paintings with artistic styles to please most anyone. Some of their holiday cards are even on clearance, which would allow you to get more than one set to mix and match and have plenty for the coming years.

Museum of New Mexico Foundation

Look under "Paper Goods" then "Holiday Cards". Along with the southwestern designs they offer, they also offer cards with photographs by Ansel Adams. If you hurry, they may even still be offering free shipping!


Greeting cards designed by visual art students. They offer personalization services and imprinted envelopes as well. The students of Marwen range from grades 6 through 12. All proceeds benefit Marwen's free high-quality visual arts education, college planning and career development programs for Chicago's under-served youth. The talent shown in the card designs is something to be seen and appreciated! The art world has a very bright future!

Save The Children USA

Click on Cards in the side menu to see their full selection of greeting cards (as well as wrapping paper and gift tags). They offer a great holiday gift pack that includes cards, giftwrap, and gifttag stickers. Look for other cards and gift items as well. Their web site states that 100% of the retail purchase price of the products featured on the website benefits Save the Children. Artwork used on Save the Children merchandise is created by children.

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

"Your purchase benefits the Aflac Cancer Center and Blood Disorders Service." Really cute cards designed by kids, including "Happy Hanukkah" cards. If you already have your holiday cards, they also have thank you cards available. They also have tribute cards where you receive a card for every $10 donated that you can send to a recipient to let them know that the donation was made in their behalf. What a terrific idea!


Many of the above organizations offer reduced prices for members, but their regular prices are still quite reasonable.

If you have a favorite humane society, local museum, outreach, or other non-profit or charitable organization that you're interest in, be sure to check out their web site or contact them to see if they make greetings cards available for purchase. There are many ways to donate and sponsor a worthwhile charity. Add this one to your list!

This list was compiled while shopping for Christmas cards. Don't worry if you're having trouble deciding. This is one time where there is no wrong choice. It's just another way for you to make a difference.

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If you're curious, datSplat chose the spectacular and whimsical Saint Nicholas cards from Roswell Park Cancer Institute this year (artwork by Amanda, age 13). It was a really tough decision and one that was influenced by a dear friend battling with pancreatic cancer this year.

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