Clothes for Hourglass / Curvy Figures

An hourglass figure is where the shoulders, bust and hips are in near to equal proportion and the waist is tapered. As with all shapes, if you have an hourglass figure, be sure to choose clothes that accentuate the positive.

  • Simple lines are best for your shape.
  • Draw attention to your waist. Choose high waistbands and contrasting colors for around the waist.
  • Although belts can sometimes be a no-no with other figures, the hourglass is one that can and should wear them.
  • Monochromatic is a great look (as it is for most figures).
  • Watch tight waistbands as they will also accentuate your bust and butt (something that may not be desired). If you have large hips, you will want to be especially careful about cinching in the waist and making them appear larger.
  • Suggested styles: flowing fabrics that drape; slim pants; straight-leg slacks; fitted and tuxedo jackets; mandarin bolero jackets; hip huggers with crop top or knotted shirt; trumpet skirts; pleated skirts; A-line dresses and skirts; halter-neck dresses; strapless dresses; sarongs; wrap dresses and skirts.
  • Avoid: stripes, oversized styles, bulky or stiff clothes, ruffles and other overly feminine details that draw too much attention to the bust and hip areas.

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