Color Analysis – Soft Autumn ?

According to the survey I took here, I'm a Soft Autumn.

"You look sensational in rich, elegant shades such as mahogany, deep rose, emerald turquoise, and deep periwinkle. Here is a partial list of Soft Autumn colors:

Mahogany, camel, khaki, medium grey, olive, light peach, deep rose, buttermilk, mint, emerald turquoise, turquoise, jade, purple, aubergine."

(aubergine aka eggplant…I absolutely LOVE that color!)

According to, Soft Autumn's colors are: mahogany, camel, khaki, peach, rust, jade, bronze, olive, light navy, purple shows some soft autumn colors in a chart.

According to, suggested jewelry metals / stones / materials to flatter my "type" are:
gold, brass, copper, wood, tortoise shell, cream pearls, topaz, turqoise, carnelian, amber, jasper

They also say that golden blond or brown highlights or lowlights would be flattering… spicy peach, mahogany, terracotta, brick, toasted pink for lips and cinnamon, salmon, and spice for blush … gotta say I think those are the wrong colors for me with regard to makeup for the most part due to my neutral skintones, but will have to test them out to see…

I had previously tried to determine "my season" from reading Carole Jackson's book Color Me Beautiful — and later with Reinvent Yourself with Color Me Beautiful – Four Seasons of Color, Makeup, and Style by JoAnne Richmond — but had trouble pinpointing a season due to my neutral skin tone… Some color analysts now use a 12 category approach versus the 4 season approach taken by Carole Jackson. The book is excellent though for those that do fit one of the four seasons.

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