Wrapping a Gift with a Gift

A simple and fun thing to do for birthdays, Christmas, housewarming, anniversary, retirement, graduation, and other celebrations is to make the gift wrapping part of the present. Here are some ideas of creative things you can use for gift wrapping:

For kitchen items, perfect for those house warming gifts, use kitchen towels, cloth napkins, fabric placemats, or tablecloths as wrapping. Accessorize with such things as cookie cutters, utensils, those decorative wine glass markers.

For food and drink items in bottles or jars, use cloth placemats or cloth napkins. These items are also perfect for flower pots. Try to make the wrapping tie into the gift. If the gift is a bottle of wine, for example, choosing a fabric with grapes on it would be fitting.

For bedroom or sleep items, such as pajamas, use a blanket or throw. If giving a robe and pjs, you can use the robe to wrap the pjs.

A dresser scarf or table runner works nice for a knick knack or decorative item. A crocheted or linen doily can also work for smaller items, just use a solid fabric or tissue underneath for lace doilies.

For other personal items, scarves tied together work great. A jewelled brooch or other decorative pin in the middle can really dress up the package as well.

Bandanas can be used for anyone – men, women, girls, boys, pets.

For bathroom type or personal items, such as lotions, bath salts and oils, and spa like items, use wash cloths and towels. (Robes could count as either bath or bedroom, depending on the type.)

For boys and girls, use a pillow case of their favorite cartoon character. Shoe laces make great package ribbons and can be tied into bows. Last year, for my niece, I used Barbie shoelaces. This also gave her a peek at one of her gifts, fueling her excitement ahead of time.

For little girls, there are fabric purses and sachel type bags that make great wrappers. Use hair ribbons to tie around a package for a little girl.

For babies and baby shower presents, use a baby blanket, receiving blanket, or cloth diaper with cute diaper pins.

Remember to accessorize. I've picked up some colorful fishing flies to tie to the top of my brother-in-law's birthday package this year (the hooks are protected so no one will accidently get pricked). I often will tie a keyring that fits the theme or the person, or such things as lipgloss, to the top of presents. The stores are full of little novelty items, like colorful pencils, hair barrettes and accessories, little charms for cellphones, jewelry like necklaces and bracelets, small jewelled mirrors perfect for little princesses, etc. Just keep your eye out. You're sure to find little treasures you can use and that the recipient will adore!

Be creative!

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