Creative Ideas for Popping the Question

Ok, all of you romantics that are having trouble coming up with great ideas on how to propose, here you are. Creative ways to ask her (or him) to get engaged and to marry you:

Jones sodaJones soda. Yes, Jones. They allow you to create your own labels for their bottles. Picture this. You on the label of a Jones soda, down on one knee with ring box extended. You can't miss. What a great way to "pop" the question!

Find a beautiful edition of a classic fairytale book such as Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. On a ribbon, write "Will you be my happy ending?" or "Will you be my princess?", and insert it into the book. (You can loop and tie the ring around the end of the ribbon, or just get down on one knee and present it to her after she reads the ribbon.)

Plan a romantic getaway at the beach. Wake in the morning, when the tide has just gone out, and suggest going for a walk on the beach. Pick up shells, showing them to her. Hold out your hand to her to show her a beautiful shell you "found". When she looks closely, she'll see a shell with a ring tucked inside.

Plan a romantic getaway in the mountains. Build a snowman, complete with tophat, holding out a gloved hand with the ring box.

Plan (yes, there's that word again) a romantic (and that one) short vacation to somewhere you both enjoy. Make it a special place, preferably one that you can revisit easily. If your lady is a sound sleeper, slip the ring on her finger in her sleep. In the morning, wake her with a kiss and wait for her to discover her new jewelry.

If you both enjoy camping, or you could do this at night on the beach, build a nice fire. Cuddle as you enjoy the fire. When you're both feeling relaxed, slip away from her and get down on one knee.

If it's frosty where you live, sneak outside before your girlfriend is set to leave for work and write "Marry me?" in reverse on her iced up windshield. (You can do this in places that don't freeze by writing it in lipstick on the outside or when it's fogged up on the inside…on the windshield or on the mirrors…use your imagination. You can even do this on the bathroom mirror after a shower.)

Arrange to spend the weekend somewhere you can go walking and shopping (resort type town). Ahead of time, make arrangements with a shop owner to display the ring (just use a cheap-o for this for safety's sake) and a "Marry me, (her name)?" note in a display case. Casually bring your girl to the store and pretend to browse with her until she comes across the special case…

For her birthday or other special occasion, buy a small glass slipper (you can find these in gift shops or antique shops). Wrap the glass slipper in a beautiful box. When she opens the present, tell her you know it already fits…get down on one knee and ask her to be your princess.

This takes a little planning and behind the scene prep work, as do most spectacular marriage proposal ideas… Arrange a trip to the Empire State Building, Space Needle in Seattle, coast, or somewhere romantic that has the telescope viewing machines. Insert a quarter and have her look through the telescope. Point it where you have placed a message asking her to marry you. (You may be able to hold up a message or the ring instead in front of the glass, depending on how the telescope is made and its length.) An idea to play with anyway…

If you're looking to propose at Easter time, the hollow plastic eggs or hollow chocolate bunnies present some wonderful ideas for creative proposals… *wink*

During the time we were "courting", my now husband was always buying me silly little rings and other jewelry out of the machines. I loved it. A perfect proposal idea for him would've been to slip a real ring into one of the bubble containers. (He didn't…instead he proposed casually over the bed of my truck as we were going into his parents' house, tossing me the ring box… A bubble container would've worked much better and been more of a surprise…heh. LOL…memorable, yes…romantic, eh no. Good thing for him that he's normally very romantic…)

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking. You don't have to go to a lot of trouble to propose. One of the most important things to consider when planning to ask someone to marry you is the setting. Outdoor and natural settings, such as parks, beaches, mountains, lakes, and rivers make for great backdrops. For example, local music and concert festivals in park settings often present romantic opportunities for popping the question. Favorite or special places that you've been together also make for special proposals.

Make it memorable, think about what's important to your future fiance' (fingers crossed), the element of a surprise is nice (just not too big of a surprise or it might backfire)… A big part in pulling off a romantic surprise is to not have the romance part come as a surprise. Be romantic regularly. Take walks. Buy the special little gifts that let that special person in your life know how special they are to you. Plan "away" time and nights out.

And, remember that more than anything on that magical day or night you're telling your (hopefully) future spouse that you love them. That's what's most important.

May you find the above tips and ideas helpful…and may you find yourself engaged with a wonderful memory of asking her to be your bride and your wife.

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