Determining your Skin Type – Dry Normal Combination Oily Sensitive

In order to properly care for your skin, you need to first know your skin type. The following will tell how to determine your skin type – dry normal combination oily sensitive – and what the differences are between the various skin types.

The amount of oil your skin produces will determine if you have dry, normal, or oily skin. One of the easiest ways to find out how oily your skin is is to use a tissue and blot various parts of your face: cheeks, forehead, nose, chin.

Normal Skin (also Combination)

Soft; supple; clear; medium pores; may tend to be dry on cheeks and oily in t-zone (Combination). The t-zone is the forehead, nose, and chin. It is said that 70% of women have combination skin.

Dry Skin

Dull in appearance; feels tight after cleansing; fine wrinkles; peels and flakes without continuous moisturizing; often have red patches. Dry skin in women of color may appear ashy.

Oily Skin

Shiny/glossy in appearance; skin looks thicker; pores are larger; tends to be prone to blackheads and acne breakouts.

Sensitive Skin

Burns easily or reacts readily to irritants by developing rashes, spots, or blotches; fine pores; thin and delicate; prone to broken capillaries.

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