Diamond Road Lyrics by Sheryl Crow

Diamond Road by Sheryl Crow
┬ęSheryl Crow (as far as I know)

Walk with me the diamond road
Tell me every story told
Give me something of your soul
That I can hold onto
I want to wake up to the sound of waves
Crashing on a brand new day
Keep the memory of your face
But wipe the pain away

When you're lonely (you're not alone)
When your heart aches (on diamond road)
It's gonna take a little time
Yeah, it's gonna take a little time
When the night falls (you're not alone)
When you're stumbling (on diamond road)
It's gonna take a little time
To make it to the other side
So don't miss the diamonds along the way
'Cuz every road has led us here today

Little bird, what's troubling you
You know what you have to do
What is yours you'll never lose
And what's ahead may shine
Beneath the promise of blue skies
With broken wings we'll learn to fly
Pull yourself out of the tide
And begin the dream again

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