Identifying and Dressing Up Neutral Skin Tone …

Neutral skin tones are those without predominant pink, yellow, or olive tones. Eyes can be of any color as can hair. Neutral skin tones are flattered by either silver or gold jewelry, and can wear almost any colors in the middle of the spectrum. Avoid warm colors with too much yellow and cool colors with too much blue.

Some colors that look good on a neutral:
• White and/or ecru
• Rose pink
• Green
• Navy
• Neutral Taupe
• Brown
• Soft grey

According to

"If you're a neutral, look for varying shades under the 'warm' spectrum, concentrating more on bronze or autumn tones in your eyeshadows (you can wear either a pearl or a matte finish). Also go for autumn tones in your lipstick and blush – you'll look fantastic!"

I'm a very pale neutral… The only makeup I've been able to find so far to match my skin is CoverGirl 405 Ivory. Everything else is too dark, too orange, too pink, or too yellow. May have to try mineral makeup, but not sure I would like its shimmer…

I totally fit the description of a "Neutral Light" according to:

"NL, which stands for Neutral Light is for that special someone with pale skin with a bit of color. She has neutral undertones that are neither too cool or too warm, she is right in the middle. Her veins are can be blue or green or a combination of both. She is able to tan but not easily."

I think I've tried everything in the lightest shades that the Clinique line offers… I hear Prescriptives offers some nice light shades, but don't think I'm quite ready to make that kind of an investment in makeup…

As far as the drugstore brands, I don't think I've tried any Almay products yet but I hear they offer some lighter shades as well. (Tried and exhausted the Max Factor, Maybelline, and Loreal lines…) Maybe I'll try Amphigory…they've gotten decent reviews, but not sure they offer a good match for me…at least they do offer samples though…

Many drugstores and department stores denote neutral shades with an N. CoverGirl uses a square next to the color description to indicate neutral.

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