Essential and Carrier Oil Measurements

These are the basic calculations that I use when figuring drops of essential oils or ounces of carrier oils. These are general equivalents:

Essential Oils
1/16 tsp = 6 drops
1/8 tsp = 12 drops
1/4 tsp = 25 drops
1/3 tsp = 33 drops
1/2 tsp = 50 drops
2/3 tsp = 66 drops
3/4 tsp = 75 drops
1 tsp = 100 drops

Carrier Oils
1 ounce = 2 Tablespoons = 6 teaspoons

I've seen recommendations for using up to 30 drops of essential oil to one ounce of carrier oil. I think that's much too high and I tend to go way under it…instead using roughly 12 to 18 drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier oil.

(Generally, I will use 1/8 tsp essential oil to 2 T carrier oil, a 2% dilution, for massage or body oils…for more sensitive areas, such as my face, I'll use no more than 6 drops of essential oil to each ounce of carrier oil (1/16 tsp essential oil to 2 T carrier oil for 1% dilution). For adding to lotion or aloe vera gel/juice, or for bath oils, stick to 1% dilution.)

It is important to remember that some oils can have toxic effects, especially in higher quantities, and that each person is different and may have unique reactions to the oils. See skin test recommendation below.

Essential oils should be kept in sealed dark bottles and stored in a cool place.

The use of essential oils is not recommended for the very young or aged, or pregnant/nursing women. It is the belief of this site that essential oils should not be used internally, only externally and topically. A skin test should always be done before using an essential oil, especially important for those more sensitive or vulnerable. Consult a reputable and experienced aromatherapist for guidance. If you are under the care of a physician, it is recommended that you contact them before using essential oils.

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