Floater – Marriage of the Black Sheep Lyrics

Words to "Marriage of the Black Sheep" by Floater

Marriage of the Black Sheep
©Floater (AFAIK)

He's the king of failed wishes,
The prince of near-misses,
The almost ruler of a someday land.
Folded inside out, he looks to himself for kicks.

And she throws the parties that nobody goes to.
She shouts the things that nobody's supposed to.
And she smells of alcohol, as he lights a cigarette.
Somebody could catch her, but nobody's tried just yet.

Face to face!
Sheep in space!
That night — ooh! They kissed themselves goodbye.

Like those rank and file, who walk down the aisle,
They were wed in their own twisting way.
And on a sweltering night, within earshot of dogfights,
The cool moonlight gave them away.
And then they called out,
To see witchcraft and alchemy,
And to be disconnected from this concrete shell.
Some electric life just out of their clutches.
Delicious must be heaven to the hungry in hell — yah!

Face to face!
Sheep in space!
And that night, yah! They kissed themselves goodbye.

They rose up off their knees,
And set out to teach every one of them.
Going mad by degrees, they wanted to see how far they could…

And that night, yah! They kissed themselves goodbye.

Watching her leaving did him in.
She left him pink like busted skin.

And a shallow life replaced his soul.
From his barstool home he loved adventure so.


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