Getting Rid of Mildew

What is mildew…how to get rid of it…and how to prevent it…

"Rid your bathroom of mildew" has many ideas for getting rid of mildew and keeping it away. One of the ideas mentioned is using car wax on a freshly cleaned bathroom.

This article, written by Dale Dorman of the University of Georgia, also has some great ideas, including using a half and half solution of alcohol (denatured or rubbing) and water to remove mildew from leather goods. After wiping with a moistened cloth, if mildew remains, they say to wash with thick suds made from a mild soap or detergent, saddle soap, or a soap containing germicide or fungicide, then wipe with a damp cloth and dry in an airy place. Polish leather shoes and luggage with a good wax dressing. See the referenced article for more great ideas! suggests using vinegar or bleach to kill mildew. Also mentions using other acidic substances like lemon or grapefruit juice.

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