Include FormMail Results in Confirmation Emails to Users

I located this free script for a friend who was looking for a solution to use with sendmail in an intranet type situation. He wanted the user to be able to fill in the contact form and upon submitting the "trouble request", he wanted an email to be sent to him with the form contents (of course). He also wanted an email to be sent to the person filling in the form and he wanted that email to contain the contents they had provided in the form for them to keep as a reference copy.

This script was the answer:

For those who are looking for a script that will include the information entered into the form in a confirmation email to the submitter, the above works perfectly. It actually allows you to do so much more, and may be the answer for those looking for the ability and flexibility of configuring a formmail script to suit very specific and specialized needs.

Some of the other things the BFormMail script will allow and features of it include:

  • Banning IPs from accessing the form (spammer deterent)
  • Includes debugging logging and activity logging (including referrer information)
  • Allows you to forbid certain characters or strings from being entered into the form (spam deterrent)
  • Includes a method of sending a courtesy reply to the user (see above description about optionally including form results)
  • Allows you to CC (carbon copy) or BCC (blind carbon copy) the submitted text to other addresses
  • Appends the form field contents to a flat file database
  • Special formatting options for fax services, PDAs, cellphones

The author has chosen to make the BFormMail script available for free since it is based on Matt Wright's FormMail V1.92, a script that is in the public domain. However, the script author does accept donations through Paypal and I would suggest making one however small if you use the script.

To be clear, this isn't an endorsement. It is intended as a helpful reference for those who are looking for a Form-to-Mail script with some extra special features as one to possibly consider.


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