Internet Corporation Listing Service Scam – Trash It

Warning to all domain holders: If you receive a letter via postal mail from "Internet Corporation Listing Service" that appears to be a bill for services for "Annual Website Search Engine Listing", just toss it. It's a scam that has been around for sometime now and, like many other domain registration and related schemes, it tries to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals and companies.

For more information on this scam, see:

The address information provided in the letter where they request you send a check to may appear as:

Internet Corporation Listing Service
303 Park Avenue S, #1073
New York, NY 10010

Similar such deceptions have been reported against:
Domain Registry of America (DROA)
Domain Renewal Group
WorldWideWeb Register

Please don't ever automatically pay any "invoice", or request for payment, from any company you don't recognize. Doing so allows scam artists to make away with your money and makes it worth it in their eyes to continue trying to rip others off as well.

If you receive such a letter, please submit your complaint to the FTC:
FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection

IMPORTANT: To view where your domain is registered (aka your domain registrar), start with a whois search through InterNIC:
InterNIC Whois Lookup

Google Search