Flowers Used in Floral Arrangements and Their Meanings

The language of flowers dates back to Victorian times and is still referred to today. Often when ordering cut flowers or potted floral plants for those special people in your life, it is nice to know the flower's special meanings. Here is a list of common flowers used in floral arrangements and plants offered by florists along with their meanings and symbolisms:

Almond blossom stands for hope.
Amaryllis is for radiant beauty, dramatic.
Anemone indicates forsaken or anticipation.
Aster (Michaelmas daisy) says farewell and symbolizes elegance.


Bird of Paradise is joyfulness.
Bluebell means constancy.


Calendula stands for joy.
Calla Lily is for regal.
Camelia signifies excellence.
Carnation (pink) says I'll never forget you.
Carnation (red) says alas, my poor heart, admiration.
Carnation (striped) says refusal.
Carnation (white) means innocence, pure and ardent love.
Carnation (yellow) indicates rejection.
Christmas Rose is a symbol of purity.
Chrysanthemum (red) shows I love you.
Chrysanthemum (white) stands for truth.
Cleome (aka "Spider Flower") says "elope with me".
Coreopsis symbolizes always cheerful.
Cosmos indicates peaceful.
Crocus indicates foresight.


Daffodil means you're the only one, respect, chivalry, regard.
Daisy also means innocence, gentleness.
Day Lily indicates enthusiasm.
Delphinium is for heavenly qualities or boldness.


Eucalyptus is for protection.


Ferns symbolize fascination.
Forget-Me-Not, of course, is remember me always.
Forsythia signify anticipation.
Freesia means spirited.


Gardenia is simply joy.
Geranium shows comfort.
Ginger means I'm proud of you.
Gladiolus indicates strength of character.


Heather means admiration or solitude.
Hibiscus is for delicate beauty.
Holly indicates domestic happiness.
Honeysuckle means devotion.
Hyacinth (blue) also means constancy.
Hyacinth (purple) indicates sorry or sorrow.
Hydrangea is for perseverance or to convey sincerity.


Iris stands for faith and hope, inspiration, wisdom, valor.
Ivy is for fidelity.


Jasmine (white) means amiability.
Jasmine (yellow) is for happiness, grace, and elegance.
Jonquils convey affection returned.


Larkspur is for beautiful spirit.
Lavender means silence, devotion.
Lilac (white) means modesty, first love.
Lily stands for purity.
Lily of the Valley symbolizes purity and humility.
Lisianthus is calming.


Magnolia signifies grief, dignity.
Michaelmas daisy says farewell.


Nasturtium shows patriotism.


Orange Blossom is for fertility.
Orchid is for delicate beauty.


Pansy shows loving thoughts, thoughtful recollection.
Passion Flower is, well yes, passion.
Peony is for healing.
Phlox indicates a profession of love and hope for sweet dreams.
Poppy (red) means consolation.
Poppy (yellow) means wealth, success.
Primrose said to mean most excellent.


Queen Anne's Lace is delicate, feminity, santuary.


Ranunculus is for radiant.
Rose (black) means death.
Rose (pink) is for happiness, friendship.
Rose (red) says I love you passionately and symbolizes desire.
Rose (red and white together) signifies unity.
Rose (white) means eternal love, innocence, purity, secrecy, charm.
Rose (yellow) is for zealous friendship.


Snapdragons are presumptuous.
Snowdrop means hope.
Star of Bethlehem is for hope.
Stargazer Lily is ambition.
Statice is for success and miss you.
Stephanotis says good luck.
Sunflowers indicate admiration and symbolize devotion.
Sweet Peas show shyness.


Tuberose indicates pleasure.
Tulip (pink) says caring.
Tulip (purple) indicates royalty.
Tulip (red) is a declaration of love.
Tulip (white) is for forgiveness.
Tulip (yellow) indicates hopelessly in love.


Verbena is said to bring good luck and speedy recovery.
Vinca represents fidelity, friendship, pleasure of happy memories.
Violet shows modesty, faithfulness.


Wallflower indicates fidelity in adversity.
Wisteria means steadfast.


Yarrow is for good health.


Zinnia indicates thoughts of friends.

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Be sure to attach a gift card to let your recipient know why you chose a particular plant or flower. Also, don't restrict yourself to just cut flowers, bouquets, or plants…look for wrapping paper with the person's flower or choose a gift with that flower or plant on it (stationery, jewelry, pillow, tote bag, framed art, pottery, shirt, etc. Or, find a gift you like, such as a frame, and accessorize it with the person's flower. The gift ideas are endless. Again, be sure to tell them why you chose the gift…it shows them that you put a lot of thought into it and picked it especially for them. :)

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