Natural Treatments for Kennel Cough

Some ideas to help boost the immune system and treat the hacking, dry cough associated with "Kennel Cough" (aka Canine Cough Syndrome and, more officially, Infectious Tracheobronchitis) by soothing throat irritation include:

* Vitamin C
* Echinacea
* Goldenseal
* Colloidal Silver
* Bryonia
* Drosera
* Honey (coats the throat)

For more information on natural remedies to try when treating dog's kennel cough symptoms, see:
Ask Aunt Jeni

As far as treatments to "cure" kennel cough, as states, "Generally, the signs clear up with or without treatment within seven to 14 days."

This we found to be true with two of our dogs who were kennelled and caught kennel cough. I'm not sure why kennels and vets push the Bordetella vaccination so much…oh wait, I think I may have $ome idea… Both dogs had been vaccinated in advance of their stays at the kennel (for the bargain price of $75…I kid you not…and they still came down with it after their stay at the kennel…a kennel we wish we never would've taken them to…and never, ever will again…but that's another frustrating subject altogether…)

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