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AKC Pug Breed Standard (AKC Toy Group)
Westminster Kennel Club – Pug
Pug Dog Club of America

As owners of two terrific Pugs, we can highly recommend them for anyone that has the time and affection to devote to such worthy companions. They truly make wonderful pets and I know this household will never again be without two (they come in pairs, doncha know…seriously though, Pugs do seem to enjoy other dogs). We adopted one of our Pugs from the local shelter; the other Pug came from a gentlemen with health issues that could no longer care for his dog.

Pug Rescues
Listing of Pug rescue organizations here.
(Please do what you can to support them.)

Discussion forums for Pugs:

Photographs of Pugs:
Pugs in Hats
Portlee The Pug
Jake The Pug
Bonsai The Pug
Yogi The Pug
Pug dogs dressed as famous people

A final word — please do your part to STOP puppy mills and backyard breeders and the abuse and damage they do to our furry friends! They can't continue if we don't support them. If you choose not to adopt a needy dog from the shelter or a rescue, please at least know who you're buying your puppy from…visit the breeder's premises and insist on seeing the pup's parents and their living conditions. Also ask for tests and certifications specific for that breed. Please don't EVER buy a puppy from a pet store…chances are they came from a puppy mill and doing so just continues the cycle. We owe our best friends a better life. And we owe the angels of rescue a break.

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