Pugs Featured in Animated Movies, TV Shows, Books, and Comics

We compiled a list of famous pugs and celebrities that own or have owned pugs. We compiled a list of pugs featured on the web at various sites and blogs. Now here's a listing of pugs from animated movies, television shows, books, and comics.

Pugs in animated movies, TV, books, and comics

  • Algy – Rupert Bear
  • Bandit – the Pug from Johnny Quest
  • Bean – from The Clique young adult book series
  • Bunga Berry – from WB's Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island is supposedly a strawberry / Pug cross, according to this article
  • Cruiser – Legend of the Dragon (TV series)
  • Kevin – the fictional pug with a bit part in Mary and Max. (You can see the real Kevin in this video with the director/writer of "Mary and Max.", Adam Elliot.)
  • Lucy – Elsewhere novel by Gabrielle Zevin (character inspired by her own pug)
  • Monroe – The Life and Times of Juniper Lee
  • Oso from the online comic Sheldon by Dave Kellett
  • PakkunNaruto (Cartoon Network)
  • Pancake the Pug – Featured in the children's book LuellaLuella the Duck and Pancake the Pug by Melinda Braun
  • Percy – owned by Governor Ratcliffe – Pocahontas and Pocahontas II: Journey To A New World
  • Petula – Molly Moon by Georgia Byng
  • WeenieEloise by author Kay Thompson
  • Wilson the Pug – Wilson could've gone on the list of famous pugs, as he's not actually "fictional"…but since he's a character featured in books, we decided to include him here instead

General note: Russian mystery author Daria Dontsova features pugs in her detective series.

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