Resources for Information on Pancreatic Cancer

We've been doing quite a bit of research on pancreatic cancer lately for a close friend that has recently been diagnosed. In the process, we've been able to track down some great sources of information and are providing them here hoping that this collection will be helpful to others who have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer or those who are trying to help someone they love who has been diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas.

List of online pancreatic cancer resources

(in no particular order)

The Health Resource, Inc.

Order a customized and individualized research report on your type and stage of pancreatic cancer. They've gotten great endorsements and publicity. The reports are somewhat expensive, however financial assistance is provided by a foundation they work with (…you pay what you can and they pick up the rest.

Confronting Pancreatic Cancer –

Funded and maintained by the Lorenzen Cancer Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Extremely informative and thorough site and has a nice optimistic feel to it. Feature included with the site is access to "the world's largest listing of clinical trials for pancreatic cancer". Can't say enough good things about this resource. We hope that others will donate, as we did, if they agree.

The Stanford Health Library

Contains links to resources and information on pancreatic cancer, including information on research organizations, general information, islet cell and endocrine tumors, genetics and hereditary, risk factors and prevention, screening and testing, and medical and surgical treatment of pancreatic cancer.

Guide to Pancreatic Cancer – American Cancer Society

Detailed guide that includes up to date information on pancreatic cancer in areas such as causes, risk factors, prevention, early detection, diagnosis, staging information, cancer research, and treating pancreatic cancer.

Enzyme Therapy – American Cancer Society

"Pancreatic enzymes may be given to treat digestive problems resulting from removal of the pancreas or certain diseases of the pancreas."

Pancreatic Cancer – National Cancer Institute

Contains information and news about treatment options including clinical trials and trial-related data as well as cancer research and literature. Also links to an online booklet "What You Need To Know Aboutâ„¢ Cancer of the Pancreas" that talks about such things as seeing a specialist and getting a second opinion, preparing for treatment, side effects of treatments, treatment options and methods (surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy), pain control, nutritional needs, and followup care. See also Pancreatic Cancer Treatment – National Cancer Institute

The Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Research Center (JHU)

Very thorough. Includes explanations of what the pancreas is, types of pancreatic tumors, causes, hereditary and known risk factors, a chart with symptoms of pancreatic cancer and side effects of various treatments, questions to ask your doctor and the care you should expect from them, diagnosis, tests, and staging information for pancreatic cancer, and treatment and care information (including information on current clinical trials).

Pancreatic Cancer Discussion Board at John Hopkins University

A bit of a pain to navigate as it is the old style bulletin board type discussion board, but worth it. A very supportive and informative place to be for anyone dealing with cancer of the pancreas, whether as a patient or caregiver.

Open Clinical Trials – National Cancer Institute

Allows you to locate clinical trials that are accepting participants as well as view recent clinical trial results by cancer type. You can also obtain general information about clinical trials such as what they are, how they work, why they're useful, patient care costs, data and safety monitoring, etc.

Dietary and Nutrition Information – John Hopkins University

Includes information on dietary, vitamin and supplement use, and nutritional complementary therapies and specifically approaches such topics as the sensory changes that can occur in pancreatic cancer patients with regard to perception changes in tastes and smells, insulin production and glucose management, malabsorption syndrome and the need for supplemental pancreatic enzymes, herbal or botanical supplements and their possible interactions with treatments, and concerns regarding complimentary and alternative nutritional therapies.

Thorne Research, Inc.

Nutraceutical company that offers specific products and formulas for oncology patients. Their products are provided in capsule, powder, and liquid form which means they're easier to absorb. TGA-certified and GMP-certified.

About Pancreatic Cancer – Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, Inc. (PanCAN)

Visit this site to learn about the pancreas and how pancreatic cancer develops. You'll also find information on diagnosis, treatment, and nutrition – as well as many links to other valuable resources on the subject. Be sure to also see List of Questions to Ask Your Doctor and Yourself and Tips for Caregivers (also includes support resources for caregivers) if you're taking care of someone with pancreatic cancer or other illness.


Association of Online Cancer Resources, Inc. mail list for pancreatic cancer. Cannot – cannot – say enough good things about this mailing list. If you have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, or are helping someone that has been, this list is absolutely invaluable. It's free and easy to join (you are required to give your name). You'll learn so much and find so many helpful and caring people going through the same thing, eager to share what has worked or is working for them.

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