Reverse Page Title in WordPress – Post Title > Blog Title

By default, in WordPress 2.x (and earlier versions), the page title shows as Blog Title > Post Title. Much better for search engine listings if you modify it to show as Post Title > Blog Title. That order also makes it more meaningful when bookmarked. To do this quick and easy, use the following plug-in:
Optimal Title

Follow the instructions on that page to save, upload, and activate the plug-in.

Then note…

Depending on the theme you are using, you may have to modify the index.php file or the header.php file.

In my particular theme, I had to modify the header.php file. (Just follow the author's instructions under Usage, but realize that you may need to modify your header.php file, instead of the index.php as he states. After viewing each file, it should be obvious which one will apply in your case as it will be the one with the title code.)

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