Selectively Deleting Saved Form Data From Firefox

I don't personally use the saved form data feature that Mozilla Firefox offers (Tools – Options – Saved Forms), but I know someone who does.

We all mistype, even when typing routine personal information such as our name, address, and phone numbers. Problem is, those wrong entries and typos are saved if you use the remember form data feature as the browser doesn't know any different. Then when you go to fill in another form that asks for the same information, up comes the bad information in that field. Blah.

Manually correcting the bad text each time defeats the purpose of having the form data automatically filled in. You do have the option of clearing all of the data ("Clear saved form data now"), but that's not really efficient when you just have one mistake and you want to retain all of your other saved form data.

So…how to erase just one screwup? It doesn't involve digging into the profile where such items are stored. It's actually pretty easy.

To remove a bad entry, just click your mouse to place your cursor in the corresponding form box. In my friend's case, the miskeyed information was in a City field (ORlando versus Orlando), so he put his cursor in the City box of the form. Then, press the down arrow key until the errored entry is highlighted. Once the bad text is highlighted, just hold down the shift key and press the delete key. The botched entry will disappear from your saved form text.

Try to be careful to type it correctly the next time so it gets saved right. At least you know if you do type your name, address, phone number, or whatever wrong in a form, you can now easily remove it and keep it from showing up again. :)

Credit where credit is due…I learned that here.

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