Sweet Caring and Romantic Ideas for Saying I Miss You

It can sometimes be a challenge to think of new and imaginative ways to express yourself and show you care to that special person in your life…your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, wife, lover. Someone asked for some suggestions for a boyfriend that was away and these are some ideas that came to mind:
Saying I Miss You

  • Send your significant other a CD of various songs that remind you of them or times that you two have spent together.
  • Send them a list of all of the things you love/miss about them.
  • Call him/her and, when they answers, whisper "I miss you" before saying anything else.
  • Send a postcard or greeting card. Look for one that is especially romantic or get creative with it (like buying a postcard of a place you've been together and writing "Wish we were here.").
  • Keep a thought journal. Each day they're gone, write down a special thought you had that day about them. Give it to them upon their return.
  • Send a photo of yourself holding a sign that says "I miss you" or some other sweet message.
  • Send them a photo of a conversation heart (you know those heart shaped candies you see everywhere around Valentine's Day) that has a cute or fun message. (Would make an especially cute photo to send to their cellphone.)
  • Send them a jar with 365 handwritten messages of memories of the two of you together, things you love about them, ways they make you feel. Tell them to take one out each day. (This works especially well for those with long distance relationships, like those whose loves are stationed overseas with the military for long periods.)
  • Create a 365Days Flickr album or just borrow from the idea… Take a photo of yourself in a different pose everyday (or different parts of your body…your hand doing "I love you" in sign language, your knee that your spouse always says is so cute, your shoulder…be imaginative) and send/email/post the photos each day. This would also work awesome for that daddy or mommy that has to be away (or even not) as they can watch their kid grow each day.

These are just some ideas to get you started. Use your imagination and I'm sure you can come up with many more creative and unique ideas of your own to let that special person in your life know just how much they're loved!

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