Tips For Being More Photogenic and Taking Better Photos

As a person who is not so photogenic (read "not at all"), I've gathered these tips and hints for looking better in photos, hoping that they'll help even me. Whether you're the model, or the photographer helping to instruct the model, hopefully the end result will be better pictures.

General posing tips:

Slightly tilt your head naturally to one side.

Breathe in and out; don't hold your breath.

Think about something happy (or sexy, or playful, or whatever mood the photo calls for).

Practice making your eyes smile and communicate with the camera.

Visine will help to brighten and put a sparkle into your eyes.

Take a moment to close your eyes right beforehand to reduce the chance of blinking. (Use this time to envision the shot.)

Focus on a point slightly above the camera lens.

Lip gloss can reflect too much light, so usually best without it.

Press the length of your tongue against the roof of your mouth while smiling. (Helps rid the "double chin" effect.)

Careful of smiling TOO big; in most cases, focus on a look of contentment.

Focus on a bright light before the shot to reduce the pupil and the chances of red eye.

Don't slouch…

Extend your neck forward, dropping your chin slightly (think "giraffe").

For standing poses:
Create a curve in your body by twisting and bringing one shoulder nearer to camera (think "s").

Place one foot immediately in front of the other, keeping it pointed in the direction of the camera.

Rest the majority of your weight on the foot in the back.

Stand upright, keeping your shoulders relaxed.

Keep your arms in a natural position.

Additional tips:
A different two-thirds rule. Position your face and your body so that two-thirds of them are visible to the camera.

Schedule outdoor shots for dusk, or choose a shady place. Overcast days are kind.

Ask the photographer to shoot you at eye level or above…never below.

Finally practice, practice, practice. Practicing by using a camera, versus a mirror, is best. Use a tripod, set your digital camera to sequence, and shoot some pictures.

Also, see Looking Slimmer – Fashion Tricks and Tips as it will help in knowing what to wear so as not to have the object in the camera appearing larger than it is…

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