Type 2C Hair Care

Type 2C hair – wavy coarse and tends to frizz – according to Andre Walker (stylist for Oprah Winfrey) in his book Andre Talks Hair!

Shampoo daily to every other day w/shampoo for normal hair — "frequent use" shampoo. (I use Kiss My Face Whenever Shampoo frequent use shampoo – Green Tea and Lime.)

Use finishing rinse daily – "cream rinse/detangler". (I use Kiss My Face Whenever Conditioner frequent use conditioner – Green Tea and Lime. Love Kiss My Face Natural Knot! Detangler and, as a backup, Aussie's Knot Forgotten Detangler. I also often use Biosilk Silk Therapy Serum and I do like it a lot as well — warning though: less IS more with it, use too much and your hair will end up looking greasy versus smooth.)

Use clarifying shampoo every six weeks (Prell is what I use), followed by a good conditioner.

Once a week, condition. (I use Aussie 3 Minute Miracle.)

When you need to use hairspray, make sure it has alcohol in it.

If use curling iron, make sure only to keep it in hair for a few seconds. Section hair and spritz with holding spray. Then run the iron down the shafts of hair and twist the ends under.

Long blunt cuts are best. Short layers just add bulk and bushiness.

Every six to eight weeks get a trim.


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