Pleasing and Versatile Wines

According to the March 2006 issue of REAL SIMPLE magazine, wines that should please most any palate:

Pinot Noir (red)
recommended for steak, fish, grilled chicken, vegetarian dishes
Sangiovese (red)
ditto to above
Sauvignon Blanc (white)
recommended for meals with deep fried food and dishes containing vinegar (like salads)
Pinot Gris (white)
recommended for spicy and salty foods

Pinot Gris has long been one of our favorite white wines. We've now added Sangiovese as a favorite red wine as well. One that was especially good was Danzante 2001…at least, we thought so.

Also, some helpful advice found in the June 2006 issue of REAL SIMPLE magazine:

"Red wines fade and white wines darken when they oxidize or get too old. Brown tones in either are typically bad news…if either smell like vinegar or raisins, it's probably past its prime."

That means hurry and drink all your wine before it's time… 😉

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