List of Uncommon and Rare Girl Baby Names

People we know who are having babies are always looking for unusual names. Here is a list we've gathered over time of less common girl baby names.


Unique and Unusual Girl Names


Adela (a-DELL-ah) Old German origin, meaning "noble". (Also French, "good humor".) Youngest daughter of William I the Conqueror of England and mother of Stephen, king of England. Adela Noriega, actress. Adela Nora Rogers, American journalist, novelist, and screenwriter. Naval ship USS Adela.

Bradyn (BRAY-den) Feminine form of the boy's name Braden. English origin, "from the broad valley".

Cace (pronounced "Case")

Carson (KAR-son) Both a boy's name and a girl's name. Sources vary on whether Scottish, English, or Scandinavian in origin, meaning "son of Carr".)

Cassia (KASH-uh) Greek origin, meaning "champion". Associated with Chinese cinnamon, aromatic bark of the cassia-bark tree. Feminine form of Cassius or Cassian. Alternative spelling is Kassia. Alternative pronounciation is KASS-e-uh.

Chandler (CHAN-dler) Recognize this one from Friends, no doubt. Uncommon as a girl's name, but charming none-the-less. Old English origin, meaning "candle maker". (Actually know a little girl with this name.)

Hadley (HAD-lee) Another one that is unisex. Old English origin, meaning "heather meadow". Name of Ernest Hemingway's first wife.

Jamison (JAY-ma-son) Can be boy or girl name. Scottish origin, meaning "son of James" (but don't let that keep you from using it for your little girl).

Kameron (KAM-ren) The spelling of this one makes it more rare. (Variant Cameron is more popular.) Can be a boy or girl name. American origin.

Laine (layn) Can be a boy's name as well. English origin, meaning "path, roadway". In Estonian means "wave". Alternative spelling that is also uncommon is Layne.

Liora (lee-OR-uh) Hebrew origin, meaning "God's gift of light to me". Feminine form of Lior.

Litsea (LIT-see) Variant of Liza. Litsea is the name of shrub/small tree.

Logan (LOH-gan) Unisex name. Scottish Gaelic origin, meaning "hollow".

Lysandra (LIE-zan-dra or LIZ-andra) Variant of Alexandra of Greek origin, meaning "man's defender". Alternative spellings Lyssandra, Lisandra, Lissandra.

Lotus (LO-tus) Greek origin, meaning "lotus flower" (plant name).

Makenna (ma-KEN-a) Variant of Makena and McKenna.

Mason (MAY-sun) Boy's name as well as a girl's name. Old English origin, meaning "stoneworker". Alternative spellings include Maison and Maysen.

Melita (me-LEE-ta) Greek origin, meaning "honey-sweet". Alternative spelling Malita.

Mikayla (mih-KAY-lah) Spelling of this one makes it rare (variant of Michaela – Hebrew origin, feminine form of Michael, meaning "who resembles God").

Monisha (moh-NEE-shah) Hindi origin, meaning "intelligent woman".

Olesia (oh-LEE-see-ah) Greek origin, meaning "man's defender".

Olexa (oh-LEKS-ah) Czechoslovakian origin. (Feminine form of Alexander.)

Olina (oh-LEE-nah) Hawaiian origin, meaning "joyous". Related name Olena.

Oriana (or-ee-AHN-ah) Latin origin, meaning "sunrise". Alternatives include Oreana and Orianna.

Payton (PAYT-en) Unisex name. Irish origin.

Reanna (ree-ANN-ah) Irish origin. Variant of Rhiannon (Welsh origin, meaning "great queen, or goddess"). Alternative Reannah.

Shaunie variant of Shawna (English origin, feminine variant of Sean (Irish, Gaelic) "the Lord is gracious"). Alternative spelling Shaunee.

Shayne Unisex name. Irish origin. Variant of Shane.

Sheridan (SHARE-a-den) Male and female name. Gaelic origin, meaning "seeker". Alternatives: Sherridan, Sheriden and Sherriden.

Sian (shaahn) Welsh origin. (Variant of Jane, Hebrew origin, meaning "the Lord is gracious".) Variant is Siana, which is also a rare and pretty name.

Sidonia (sih-DOHN-yah) Latin origin, meaning "from Sidon". (Sidon was a city in Phoenicia in the Middle East.) Variants Sydonah and Sydonia.

Siena (see-EN-ah) Latin origin, meaning "from Siena", a city in Italy. Alternative spelling is Sienna (a name given to a reddish shade of brown).

Vianna (vee-ANN-ah) English origin.

Xandra (ZAN-drah) Greek origin. (Variant of Alexandra, Greek origin, meaning "man's defender".) Variants: Xandria and Zandra (popular).

Xylia (ZYE-lee-ah) Greek origin, meaning "woodland; wood-dweller".

Zaina (ZAY-nah) Greek origin. Also possibly Arabic, meaning "beauty". Variant of Xenia, feminine variant of Zane. Some other possible variations include Zahna, Zayna, and Zaynah.

This list of girl baby names will undoubtedly be added to over time. As you'll notice, some of the names are unisex, working nicely for females as well as males. You may also be interested in our list of uncommon and rare boy names, as many of them can be considered unisex as well:
List of Uncommon / Rare Boy Baby Names

If you use one of the names for your baby daughter (or son), drop us a note, if you will. We would love to know.

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