Most Delicious Homemade Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

This recipe makes the best chocolate chip cookies that remain soft after baked and are a consistent thickness. The secret is in the preparation as well as, of course, the ingredients. For an extra special delicious treat, add in a cup of macadamia nuts for a portion of the chocolate…

Foundation Recommendations for Fair Skin

I’m a fair-skinned woman whose skin tone can best be described by the shade names of my closest foundation matches: alabaster, cloud, marshmallow, breeze, mont blanc. I’ve been called pale. My nickname is Casper.

WordPress: How to Delete or Modify Categories

You have misspelled or added a category in WordPress by accident or just decided you want to rename it, but maybe you can’t find where to change the category name. Not a problem, follow this guide and we’ll get you there.