WordPress: How to Delete or Modify Categories

You have misspelled or added a category in WordPress by accident or just decided you want to rename it, but maybe you can’t find where to change the category name. Not a problem, follow this guide and we’ll get you there.

Merch By Amazon: Application Rejected or Declined

If you applied to Merch by Amazon (MBA) and received a rejection letter, you’re not alone. Many professional designers have been declined and many people new to design and without a portfolio have been accepted. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to their selection process.

A Spade is Just a Spade Poem by Walter Everette Hawkins

Walter Everette Hawkins is one of the great poets, period. He also happened to be of African American descent. The following poem by Mr. Hawkins is particularly interesting in form and topic. It’s hard to know how to describe or interpret it, considering the time in which it was written.…