There are 25 Horses – Find the Fastest Three

Stop me if you've heard this one… It's about some horses, some tracks, and figuring out which of the horses are the fastest… ;) (more…)

Quick Guide to DJBDNS on Cent0S 6 (15 minutes or less)

DJBDNS authoritative nameserver (tinydns) on public IP, with dnscache providing lookup for localhost on the loopback. (more…)

Adding a Print Button to Roundcube Toolbar

How to add a print button to the toolbar of the Roundcube webmail client. The following instructions are based on Roundcube version 0.5.1 with default skin, but likely apply to other versions as well. (more…)

Vegetarian Diets: Getting The Nutrients You Need

Vegetarian diets have been associated with many health benefits including diminished risk of cardiovascular disease, lower blood pressure, and reduced overall mortality. Much of the benefits are likely derived from the focus on fruits and vegetables. (more…)

Pizza Popcorn Recipe

When you're tired of plain popcorn, try this recipe for a yummy cheesy treat. Makes for a nice variation from simple buttered popcorn without being complicated or difficult to do, and tastes like pizza-flavored popcorn! (more…)

The Bing Bang Theory Theme Song Lyrics – Barenaked Ladies

Lyrics to The Bing Bang Theory theme song (more…)

Irish Blessings and Poems – In Honor of St Patricks Day

In recognition of St Patrick's Day — the annual holiday that is observed on March 17th and celebrates Saint Patrick — we offer up this collection of the best Irish blessings and poems, which can be used to commemorate this day, whether online in signatures, posts, or emails, or in offline celebrations. (more…)

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